Helping people be the best
version of themselves 24/7

SOCIO is designed around you, whoever ‘you’ may be.
It’s not like those other hotels that cater to the masses.
It’s less ‘have a nice day’ and more ‘how can I make your day better?’.

Eat what you want,
when you want it

We don’t care if you like your eggs runny, take three sugars in your tea or put
tomato sauce on everything-there’s no judgement here. The kitchen is open around
the clock. Ask SOCIO to order anything, a glass of water or a three course meal,
and have it delivered to you wherever you are in the hotel. If you need an early
morning coffee ready just before you hop in a cab and off to a meeting, we’ve
got you. Don’t want to compromise on food choices? Everything here is ethically
sourced. Want to impress a new business client? Our modern, open-plan kitchen
should do the trick.

High-tech innovation
Tailored to the individual

Technology that puts you in control. You can think of SOCIO as the hotel’s
virtual concierge. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket. SOCIO
can order room service, book a massage appointment, skip queues, check the
weather and make sure your morning coffee is ready when you wake up. Ask SOCIO
to check you in before you arrive. Your phone acts as your room key while you’re
here, so you can go straight up and settle in. If you dropped your bag at the
SOCIO desk at the airport, it will be waiting in your room. When it’s time to
leave, ask SOCIO to help you check out. If you’ve got a bit of time before your
flight, there are lockers in the lobby to store your bags.

Get your beauty sleep

Getting your Zzzz’s is the one true fountain of youth. A good night’s sleep
impacts your mood, productivity, and health. In today’s culture, it’s become the
ultimate luxury when really it’s the ultimate necessity. SOCIO puts the “S” in
shut-eye with its comfy beds and luxe linens, but also all the rituals around
sleep–meditation, sleepy tea, pillow scent, and lighting to name some.
Ironically, a big part of sleep is waking up. We handle that too. Get your sleep
on at SOCIO. Okay, we know you're not just here for the rooms. But we've made sure
they're incredible all the same. Each room is compact, clever, and takes comfort to new
levels. They're all fitted with high-performance essentials, as well as a few bonus extras–just ask SOCIO.

Stay well

Yes, there’s a gym. But we’re focused on all-round wellness. We get that when
you’re travelling, for work or play, it’s easy for things to get out of whack.
So we make it easy to stick to your routine and stay in control. (And beat any
lingering jet lag.) Everyone is different, so whether you’re into morning
meditation or late night jogging, a gentle swim or high-energy HIIT class—our
gym, yoga room and meditation pods are open 24/7. But it’s not all about
exertion. There are lots of treatments on offer to help you look and feel your
best. Wellness is as much about the mind as the body. We have a team of experts
onsite and work closely with local practitioners to help you find what you need.
Take your training up a notch with accredited sports scientists, performance
training and recovery modalities. Or, if alternative therapies are more your
thing, book in some energy healing or take a plant-based nutrition workshop.

Work smarter, play harder

SocioWork. This is more than just a place to set up your laptop. This is where introductions are made, ideas are shared and important work gets done. Hire a desk for a day, a week or a month. Get inspired by worldclass speakers sharing their stories in the Creative Talks series. Meet up with like-minded entrepreneurs and pitch ideas to investors. Everything here is tech-first. Instantly connect to free, super-fast wifi wherever you are in the hotel. Plenty of plugs and charging points can be found next to desks and sofas and other convenient spots. Meeting rooms are fitted out with smart screens and audio systems, with more state-of-the-art equipment available on-demand.

Socio Tribeca, Mauritius
We’re mindful

We do the right thing for our people and the planet. We can’t expect things to change if we keep doing the same things. We need to shift our mindset and adjust our behaviours. We make sure working hours are fair and we pay the living wage. We say ‘no’ to single-use plastics and ‘yes’ to renewable energy. And every day we get closer to zero waste.

We’re mindful
We’re flexible

Our guests aren't one dimensional. People can go from a grounding yoga class to cocktails at the rooftop bar. Weekday breakfast business meetings to family brunch at the weekend. The app puts guests in control, making it easy to check-in and out, skip queues, order room service, book meeting rooms and more.So they can plan the stay they want, on their terms.

We’re flexible
We’re creative

We use creativity to think about challenges more effectively, to find interesting solutions, push boundaries and try something new. Creativity is the starting point for everything we do, it informs the way we approach sustainability, our wellness spaces and even our cocktail list.

We’re creative
We’re welcoming

We don't have a 'type'. You don't have to look or behave in a certain way to belong here. In fact, it's the mix of people that makes SOCIO so inclusive. Our co-working areas have been designed to encourage collaboration. Our networking events make it easy to meet people. And our members club is open to everyone.

We’re bold

We hold strong opinions on what it means to take care of ourselves, each other and the planet. And we share them openly. We're always looking for opportunities to move things forward. We take pride in the fact we're constantly challenging ourselves to step out side the norm. To stand out. To break the mould.

We’re bold